Green roofs – they’re the ones with gardens on top! And the way of the future for both commercial and residential roofing. Green roofs protect the roofing material itself from sunlight, and also act as insulation, reducing your energy bill. A green roof will also filter rainwater, reducing the amount of run off, cleaning the water of toxins as it flows through, and it can lower the risk of flood.

There are three main types of green roofs to choose from:

Extensive – 75-125mm in depth, lightweight and suitable for grasses, mosses succulents and herbs.

Semi-Intensive – 125mm-180mm in depth, suitable for small shrubs, perennials, grasses and sedums.

Intensive – 180mm-600mm+ suitable for perennials, lawns, shrubs, trees and rooftop farming.

The most important element in any green roof is the waterproofing of the structure on which it is installed. Repairs to the membrane at a later stage when the green roof is established can be very expensive, time consuming and disruptive for the building’s occupants.

We have a range of products specifically designed for superior waterproofing:

  • Neuchatel Mastic Asphalt – 20 mm thick, robust and does not need a protection layer. Very good in all situations, long lasting, this is our most popular solution.

  • Sometimes it is not practical to apply Neuchatel. In those situations we would recommend an EPDM or Torch-On System.

  • EPDM Rubber is a sheet system 1.5mm thick that requires a protection layer over the top to protect the membrane from mechanical damage. Its main advantage is the size of the sheets – up to 6mx15m – which is fantastic for smaller roof areas.

  • Torch-On membranes are welded on site and are two three layer anti roots systems. They also need a protective layer.



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