• Roof membranes come in two generic groups. Single layer and multilayer systems.

  • Single layer systems are TPO, EPDM, Butyl Rubber and PVC.

  • Multilayer systems are Torch-On and Peel and Stick and a combination of Peel and Stick base sheet with Torch-On cap sheet.

  • Prior to 2000, most Torch-On Systems in NZ were single layer.

  • Few roofs were vented.

  • Since 2000 there has been a gradual move towards multilayer.

  • All Torch-On systems are now multilayer.

  • Some of the earlier single layer torch-on systems are now in need of upgrading. The membrane can lose its mineral chip protective layer or protective coating which exposes the bitumen to UV attack which will almost certainly shorten it’s life.

  • Upgrading the existing system can be achieved by :

  1. Applying a coating system (covered elsewhere) to the existing membrane.

  2. Overlaying the Torch-On with an additional layer.

  3. Installing vents.

  4. Adding additional layers to alleviate ponding.

We also offer a maintenance program: annual or bi-annual inspections, cleaning, maintenance and reports.

Cleaning is extremely important. Membrane roofs are generally low slope (2° for new roofs, less than 1° for older roofs) so air borne dust can accumulate in gutters, sumps and outlets. New developments where site works are in progress may require cleaning more frequently.

We can also replace metal flashings, sealants and TV aerial supports.



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