Mohan Roofing Services joint sealing crew specialise in the application of a variety of industry approved products used in the final finish of the jointing process including isolation joints, construction joints and contraction joints.

Mohan Roofing Services undertakes all steps to ensure cosmetically the job has a professional finish, but still fulfils its roles of keeping out water ingress, wind, chemical, dirt etc.

Backing rod is often used to support sealants and to control the depth of joint so that the sealant has the correct configuration.

Mohan Roofing Services is also experienced at complicated jointing on bridges, flyovers, etc where systems comprising aluminium or steel trays combined with rubber products and glues and mechanical fixings requiring a high degree of knowledge and ability as well as the small time windows available on large projects to complete installation.



Mohan Roofing Services, one of Auckland’s longest serving waterproofing companies, conducts numerous repairs to concrete, both structural and remedial.

This work has included basic crack repair, panel patching, concrete cancer treatment and structural repairs.

At Mohan Roofing Services we first work out what is causing the problem, then we come back with a method of rectification for a long standing repair, rather than a quick fix. Our work is then detailed to offer the best possible result, not only in strength, but also cosmetically. In some instances the repair can be hidden so no one will ever know it was there.

All concrete repairers are trained by leading suppliers and updated with regular training as products are continually evolving.



Mohan Roofing Services are pleased to be able to offer our professional services at installing fibre reinforced polymer composite systems for the external reinforcement of concrete masonry and timber elements. A fantastic cost competitive answer for buildings requiring an engineered strengthened system to meet new earthquake standards.

The above systems are 5 to 10 times the strength of steel, lightweight, non-corrosive, versatile and we can still attain aesthetic results.

With Mohan Roofing Services experience we can install this product at speed thus reducing interference within your building and attaining very low installation cost.

This exciting product does meet New Zealand standards and our experienced team will ensure the product is installed correctly to give you maximum flexural and shear strength.




Commonly referred to as '' Single Shot Urethane'' Grouts, these products are two pot mix resins which are unaffected by moisture. They can expand up to 30 times there size, making them ideal for tight spaces, and they set to form an impermeable barrier, which is strong, flexible and long lasting. Typically they're used in sea walls, man holes, filling voids, or soil stabilization. they're permeable fluids so unaffected by changing moisture water tables.

Hydrophilic Polyurethane is ideal for crack filling and leak prevention. it actively, seeks out moisture, absorbs up to 30 times its weight in fluids, expanding into tight cracks and creating a strong and durable seal. it retains a degree of flexibility making it ideal where movement or expansion and contraction might be expected ( as is the case with most crack repairs).




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