The Government and New Zealand consumers are demanding energy efficiency is designed into modern buildings and with 30-35% of heat going through the roof in an uninsulated house, roof insulation needs to be a focus during a building’s design.

Higher standards requires a complete rethink about how we construct our buildings. When it comes to flat roofs, international best practice is to use insulation as part of the flat roof system. The warm roof system puts the insulation above the substrate, completely enclosing the roof area with a highly efficient insulation blanket. Our suppliers have sourced from Europe the most effective product available and combined it with our respected waterproofing products to create the warm insulated flat roof system.

  • The most effective way to insulate a flat roof – improved insulation, with no thermal breaks.

  • Less timber may be required as the rafters can be reduced to the minimum engineering requirements. There is no need to accommodate lofted insulation products and ventilation cavities.

  • No cross-ventilation of ceiling void required. 

  • Roof structure less susceptible to the effects of solar gain and thermal movement as it is insulated from outside temperature extremes.

  • A clear ceiling space is created providing ample space for running cables, installing down lights or speakers.

  • Can be retro fitted on existing buildings to increase their energy efficiency.



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